About Us

Karen is focused on creating and displaying traditional and immersive art in the mixed reality space, the space between the real world and the virtual world.  She creates artwork intended to introduce Extended Reality (XR) to the general public as an art form. Karen is initially attracted to a scene for its geometric relationships, rhythm or by a striking color contrast or harmony. The interaction of color and composition evolves to describe the world as she sees it. She has created art for traditional and immersive spaces and is committed to exploring the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. She especially enjoys exploring topics dealing with ecology and the environment.

Her primary traditional mediums are pastel, acrylic and oil. She works with layers of color to create images with depth and interest involving geometric relationships and striking color contrasts and harmonies. Her virtual reality and augmented reality art is created in Tiltbrush, Openbrush, Gravity Sketch as well as other virtual reality painting and sculpting programs

When not hanging out in Dallas with her family and great pyrenees mix, she enjoys hiking, kayaking and most other outdoor activities.