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Artist Bio

I have had the honor and pleasure of studying with many talented artists over the years. I find inspiration in everything from light and shadow and the beauty of our world to random thoughts and ideas, rhythms and shapes. Inspiration frequently strikes in the waking morning hours, the stillness of the day or energetic moments. I enjoy working in layers like the layers of our lives and nature, one thing covering up another but partially revealing what lies beneath.
With art subjects ranging from plein aire landscape to colorful abstract paintings, I enjoy exploring ideas related to the state of our changing earth and environment. My primary mediums are pastel, acrylic and oil. I work with layers of color to create images with depth and interest involving geometric relationships and striking color contrasts and harmonies. my art is constantly changing as I continue to explore new ideas and inspirations.

When not hanging out with my family, english mastiff and great pyrenees, I enjoy hiking, kayaking and most other outdoor activities.