Daily Paintings

Daily Paintings

My practice of daily painting began in 2011 on Blogger with the blog Karen Vanderpool Explorations in Color and Composition - A journal of daily paintings in pastel and oil. This post explores the ongoing evolution and merging of my daily painting practice of virtual art and traditional art in the mixed reality space.

It's like opening a time capsule for me to look back to the beginning and see the transition in my art. My art pieces are a place keeper of my life and where I was at various points with the art I was creating. Many pieces have been sold through the years and I enjoy having a visual journal to revisit my paintings.

I initially started painting with pastels when my daughter was little. It was easy to take them out and put them away. The toxicity was low compared to other mediums such as oil paint so there was less concern of her accidentally ingesting or breathing paint or mediums. I worked on small pieces of sanded paper and developed my own style over time. I began writing my thoughts and posting my daily paintings as my blog.

My art has evolved as life evolves. Other priorities have taken precedence at times but I always return to my art. My formal art background began in college as I explored drawing and sculpture and everything in between. Art was a luxury for me and I took any extra non professional time to paint, illustrate, and explore pottery and sculpture. I returned to school to pursue a master of art in biomedical communications, specifically medical illustration. I fell in love with 3D and animation at that time but pursued 2D medical illustration as my bread and butter.

Over time, my artwork and daily painting has converged with my professional life by incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality into my art. I began painting in Tiltbrush, a virtual reality painting program, in 2017 when I discovered virtual reality. Unlike many, I could spend hours in virtual reality painting in my favorite new medium. I now work in multiple virtual and augmented reality art applications. My favorites are OpenBrush, Adobe Modeler, and Gravity Sketch as well as traditional 3D programs like Blender and Unity 3D. I explore ways to bring my virtual reality art into the real world, the mixed reality space, the spatial computing space, to merge and interact with my traditional artwork.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will post my daily paintings, virtual reality paintings, and my virtual reality sculpting here as a visual thought journal as I strive to bring my virtual world and real world together in the mixed reality space. My original blog is still on blogger.

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